SIP Videos

View the DIY Network's Deconstruction show in their "FRAMING" episode as they deconstruct framing components to discover what the best materials are for framing your building project. The Deconstruction show gives its perspective on "Is it better to frame with two by fours or prefabricated SIPS?" Featuring PBS SIPS, this 20 minute episode shows how our SIPS are made and then put through some impressive stress tests to demonstrate just how strong SIPS really are.
Here's a simple example of how fast SIPS' (can be installed to help save time and money!
1900 SQ FT house, constructed out of Structural Insulated Panels, INSTALLED IN JUST UNDER ONE DAY!!!
Electrician Trig Feltus with Destiny City Electric answers common questions on how to install electrical wiring in homes built with structural insulated panels (SIPs) He details explains some of the most common situations an electrician will encounter while building with SIPs .