Send us a copy of your architectural and site specific engineered plans (e-mailed as *.dwg, or *.pdf files preferred) and we will return to you a detailed estimate via e-mail within just a few days. (Be sure to include your contact information on all correspondence) If you dont have any drawings or plans you can request for our drafting services for a fee, see below for more information.
Please see our quote specifications before sending your plans to our sales dept.

Drafting & Design:

Shop drawings for your SIP's installation, our drafting dept. will use your submited architectual and site specific engineered plans to create a detailed set of SIPs layout drawings (shop drawings). These drawings are extreamly critical not only for the fabrication process of your SIPs but to you and your builder, architect or engineer of record.
It is your responsibility to review these SIPs Layout Drawings for accuracy and approve them. We strongly encourage you to utilize a lead design professional, either an architect or experienced builder, while reviewing your drawings to ensure their accuracy.

If you are needing design & drafting assistance we will connect you with one of our designers to assist you with your design, panel options, and construction details. Preliminary and Concept drawings for your project can be daunting if you don't yet have an architect. InsulBuild can assist you with your drawing layout to get the ball rolling for your project. Once you approve the drawings we can then supply your architect and structural engineer with a CAD .dwg file or .pdf that they may begin to work from to create your permit ready plans. Once your architect and engineer has completed your permit plans we can provide you a more accurate estimate of the project so you can budget your project for success.

Design reviews to utilize SIP's for your project may be required to assit in panel design options or specify roof support locations based on the structural and engineering needs of your project. Your structural engineer or archtiect can size the beam(s) required to meet your local building code.


The precut SIP's package that will come precut from the factory CNC from your pre-approved SIPs layout drawings (shop drawings). SIP panels are not limited to straight cuts they can also be custom cut a number of different ways. Many SIP house designs call for door and window rough openings, beveled top plates, plumb cut eaves, even valleys and hips can be implemented into a InsulBuild project. Panels are cut on the factory Computer controled machinery (CNC) with precision, speed and accuracy. This can shorten construction time, minimize potential mistakes, reduce job site waste, which will provide you a faster enclosed building. If you rather have your panels will arrive as blank raw panels then your contractor will need to fabricate them to fit on site, simply send us a tally list of panel thickness, sizes, edge recesses, and wirechases.

Lumber Installation (RTA):

The factory installed lumber package with its factory CNC precut panel service. Panel perimeter, connections, doors, windows, headers, even load bearing support post will be pre-installed into your SIP project when ever possible from your pre-approved SIPs layout drawings. All our lumber is installed using adhesive for a strong connection straight from our factory for a (RTA) ready to assemble package. Insulbuild's lumber package includes pre-ripped to size top cap plates, pre-beveled top plates and roof eave perimeter to match pitch. If you choosen to have panels arive as blanks any lumber to be installed will be supplied by your contractor to be cut and installed on site. InsulBuild's factory installed lumber package (RTA) will save you from extensive costly man hours for on site lumber installation. Less installation time leads to a quicker drier building especially when your working in adverse climate conditions.

Wrap & Strap:

The wrapped and banded panel package. After panels are lumbered they are stacked by number when ever possible to keep panels in sections. Panel bundles will be wrapped in plastic (upon request & added fee), then banded for protection. The optional plastic protection is only temporary from various climate conditions. If panels are not going to be erected right away, additional on site protection is recommended to ensure your product stays dry prior to installation.


Delivery to your accessible job site. Once your project is complete, we will arrange delivery to your site with a flat bed truck broker. All trucks are required to be tarped to protect your panels while in transit. You will need to have a oversize forklift with fork extentions while unloading your SIP package to handle the generally 8' wide bundles. If you have any site conditions please be sure to let us know prior to delivery.

On-Site Advisors & Installation Assistance: Comming Soon!

You have the option to have an experienced technician on-site to assist you with the installation of your SIPs. With minimal training, one day in most cases, your crew will be ready to proceed. Or, choose to have an advisor with you throughout the entire panel installation.