SIPs Panel Options


If you are highly familiar with SIP building, blank panels may work best for your project. Choosing blank panels requires the experience, and the capability, of completing fabrication on your own construction site. Insulspan blanks are delivered as 8’ x 24’ or 8' x 12' panels with no cuts or foam reliefs.


Clients who have some experience building with SIPs often choose cut-to-size panels. This is because these clients have familiarity with the other materials needed during the SIP installation process. Cut-to-size panels come in 4' or 8' widths in 1' length increments. The panels are available with or without foam reliefs and electrical chases.


Pre-Cut EPS SIP panels by Insulspan are manufactured according to your specifications. We use precision CNC equipment in our controlled manufacturing facility. With speed and accuracy, we cut rakes, eaves, bevels, wire chases, and openings for doors, windows, and skylights. Based on your needs, Insulspan either provides the pre-cut panels with the necessary lumber components (not installed) or provides the pre-cut panels without any lumber.


Interested in a more complete Installed lumbered product? Check out our RTA option.