SIPs Accessories

One-Stop Framing Resource

IBC offers accessories for your use in your SIPs framing installation. Accessories are custom produced so they work flawlessly with our SIP panels.

SIPs Screws

SIPs Screws - were developed specifically for the attachment of SIPs to beams, purlins and posts of wood. 
They also feature:
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Excellent pull-out resistance, withstanding over 980 pounds of force
  • Stronger than spikes or nails
  • One step for easy installation
  • 6 lobe drive head for less stripping
  • Sits tight to the SIP surface
  • Superior wind up lift strength
  • Sizes from 5" to 16"
  • Availiable with self drilling tips to accomodate metal structural members up to 3/16" thick

    SIPs Mastic

    Panel Mastic has been specifically formulated for the sealant applications required in the erection of SIPs. This formulation of mastic consists of polymers that are designed to remain flexible and provide a seal against water vapor transmission and air infiltration. 
    SIPs Mastic has the following features:
  • Sealant for all types of construction
  • Permanent, non-brittle formula
  • Gunable at low temperatures
  • Withstands cold, freeze-thaw cycles
  • Retains its flexibility with age
  • Resistant to moisture, dampness & temperature fluctuation
  • Impervious to water wash-out

    Sip Tape

    SIP tape is a patented, pressure-sensitive, highly durable and superior tape that prevents moist air from penetrating the seams between panels and along roof lines. The tape is formulated with a permeance of less than 1. The combination of the OSB skins and the SIPs tape meets the building code requirements for vapor retarders. 

    Surface Preparation:
    All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil and any other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion. Do not apply SIP Tape on the underside of roof panels prior to the installation of the roofing underlayment and final roof covering. Any panel damage must be repaired prior to applying tape. Surfaces temperature of the material SIP Tape is being applied to should be 20 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.



    Foam Scoop

    A foam scoop is a heating element with a handle that you can use to remove foam from the edges of a panel.  Most panel projects are pre-fabricated, but there can be circumstances that will require you to modify a panel in which a foam scoop will be necessary. 

    For example, you may want to make a window larger, and after enlarging the opening bigger the foam will need to be recessed so you can insert lumber around the window.  

    Or you may have a project that you would like to fabricate on your own, in which case we will send you blank stock panels.  A foam scoop is then necessary to recess the panels for any lumber you may need to install.


    Sip Saw Base Plate

    Solid aluminum SIP saw base is capable of clamping to the bar of any chain saw.

    The indexed and locking rotation feature allows the base to firmly hold your saw at a cutting angle of up to 90 degrees in either direction.